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Making the Right Choices
for the Future of Your Practice

Whether you're a solo practitioner or practice in a single specialty or multi-specialty medical group, you as a physician in the 21st century are faced with many perplexing business pressures and problems. Fundamental changes and challenges in the healthcare marketplace have resulted from declining reimbursement, soaring malpractice rates, new federal compliance regulations, litigious employees, increased competition, vertical integration, practice consolidation and oversupply of physicians in some urban markets. With ever decreasing practice profit margins, physicians cannot afford to ignore the issues and problems raised by these internal and external market forces.

How you respond to these challenges can have a significant favorable impact on your practice's bottom line. However, without proper counsel and guidance, dealing with these complex business problems is both difficult and time consuming, especially for physicians who are already frustrated with the ever increasing paperwork and other administrative demands on their time in addition to the increased patient volume and longer working hours necessitated just to maintain prior income levels.

Marc H. Bailey & Associates provides the necessary medical practice management consulting services to assist you in making sound, well-informed business decisions which will not only improve your practice's productivity and profitability today but position your practice to meet future economic challenges as well. The value to you of your improved business operations is a higher level of profitability, a lower level of stress, and increased peace of mind that will significantly improve the quality of your professional and personal life.

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