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Obtaining a Proposal

When you call Marc H. Bailey & Associates, Marc will ask you to provide some initial background information about your practice and the nature of the particular practice management problems which you would like resolved. A representative sampling of typical client problems include the following:

  • I'm now working longer hours and seeing more patients, so why is my income continuing to decline?

  • Are my overhead expenses too high? Is my collection ratio too low? How do I bring them more in line with national medians for my specialty?

  • How do I know if I'm getting maximum productivity from my staff? Do I have an appropriate level of staffing based on my patient volume and specialty?

  • What should I do if the complexity of my practice has grown over the years but the management skills of my practice manager have not kept pace?

  • Is my practice's efficiency suffering due to an outdated computer system or no system at all? Is it time to invest in electronic medical records?

  • In order to increase my patient volume and profitability, should I extend my office hours, offer new services, open a satellite office, increase support staff, hire another physician or physician assistant, and/or market more aggressively?

  • Is our group's current physician compensation structure fair? Should we change our compensation structure in view of our increased capitated revenue?

  • Should I consider other practice alternatives in view of the additional stresses and longer hours associated with solo practice?

If Marc feels the practice management consulting services offered by MBA could be of benefit to your practice, he will schedule a "courtesy" follow-up interview in your office or conduct an extended telephone interview to obtain a more in-depth understanding of the particular management problems/issues which are negatively impacting your practice. To the extent possible, Marc will assist you in understanding the true qualitative and quantitative costs to your practice if your particular management problem(s) are not resolved. This extended interview will provide a better understanding of the history of the problem(s) and issues involved and enable our company to prepare a proposal which addresses your specific practice management areas of need.

Our proposal will: (1) define the scope of your project, (2) specify your stated desired outcomes or objectives, (3) document objective measures of success; i.e., how you will know if the problems have been resolved at the conclusion of the assignment, and (4) discuss the value to you of achieving these outcomes both qualitatively and quantitatively. The proposal will also discuss the recommended approach for resolving your problems, list the specific practice management consulting services to be provided, include several options for different levels of service (where possible) and provide an estimate of the required consulting time and associated project fee.

The fee for a specific consultation project will depend upon the nature of the particular assignment. Some projects lend themselves to a flat fee for the total project while others are more appropriately priced on an hourly basis. Also, depending on the nature of the project, a fee range may be quoted to provide some level of flexibility for both the client and our company.

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