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Our Services Can Help You Meet
Your Practice Management Challenges

It's extraordinarily difficult for you as a busy physician to implement and sustain changes in your business operations. You probably read books and professional journals and attend seminars focused on streamlining operations and improving profitability. You get excited about what you learn and can't wait to share these ideas with your staff to put them into use. However, this enthusiasm is quickly extinguished by the daily demands of the practice that prevent your staff from carrying out your plans for improvement. The new ideas are literally put on a shelf and forgotten. This cycle is then repeated with each new seminar attended leaving you with the hopeless feeling that your practice will never be able to achieve the level of profitability that you know is possible.

Our medical practice management consultants work with physician practices of all sizes and specialties to streamline their business operations to improve productivity and profitability. We generally find a wealth of opportunities to significantly improve practice profitability by:

  • Identifying potential new revenue sources
  • Maximizing reimbursement for current services
  • Improving physician and staff productivity
  • Streamlining operations and office work flow processes
  • Recommending changes in office personnel where necessary
  • Reducing overhead expenses

The medical practice management consulting services offered by Marc H. Bailey & Associates range from one-time consultations to longer term projects. From problem assessment through solution implementation, our consultants will provide the knowledge, experience and marketplace expertise to help you shape a more secure and profitable future for your practice. Use the links below for a more detailed explanation of our services:

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